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Accounting and Audit Services Brandon, Fl

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Accounting and Audit Services

Audits, Reviews, & Compilation Engagements

Freshwater is certified to provide business clients in the Brandon, FL area with audit, review, and compilation engagement services depending on the needs of their business.

Our team of Certified Public Accountants meet with clients, analyze their business, and consult on whether they would require audit, review, or compilation services to be performed. Freshwater guarantees to provide a thorough examination in order to provide our clients with the most reasonable cost and expectations for the services that they require.


An audit is a very thorough examination of the financial records for your business, which determines if the information correctly reflects the financial position at the given time.

An audit is a much more critical, systematic process that requires detailed testing such as examining your business’ accounting records and looking through financial statements. The auditor may even interview employees within your company to survey internal controls.

An audit provides the highest level of assurance that can be provided.

The professionals of Freshwater Tax have over 13+ years of experience performing audits and have built proven audit procedures and complete thorough, descriptive workpapers that our clients can rely upon. Freshwater will provide an independent and objective audit, examining internal controls of the organization, and conduct detailed testing of key business procedures.

When a business client is in need of an audit, they are looking for a complete, thorough, and independent audit at a reasonable cost and that is what Freshwater provides.


A financial review is an examination of financial statements performed by a CPA in Brandon, Fl, reporting on the plausibility of your financial statements.

A review provides limited assurance, while an audit provides the highest level of assurance.

While narrower in scope than an audit, reviews still provide an evaluation of your business’s books as well as the auditor’s analysis through analytical procedures and assessment of management.

A successful review results in our professional auditor opinion that our clients’ financial statements are free from any material misstatements and that they meet GAAP.

Many business owners prefer to have a review conducted even if not legally required to. This is due to our thorough analysis of their financial records resulting in money and time saved.


A compilation is a summary of a business’s financial statements written by one of our CPAs using financial information provided by the business.

There are no tests performed, and the auditor does not examine any internal controls. Thus, by design, a compilation does not provide any opinion or assurance.

During a compilation, one of our experienced accountants will review and inquire about your business's financial statements, but will not compare them to any expectations.